Graphene Product Development

GT's team of scientists and engineers have developed a portfolio of graphene 'middleware' technologies to facilitate product development of chemical and polymer products using our portfolio of graphene materials.


Product Development Solutions

The Company is working with global companies to build high performance products powered by our graphene products for existing and new markets with a sustainable strategic advantage.



5-20nm Flakes Micron Flakes Micron 3D Micron Composites Fibers

Game Changing Technology and Materials

GT's globally unique, patented synthesis process produces the highest quality, fewest layer bulk graphene nano-materials available. These graphene products will be game changers for companies seeking to lever the capabilities of graphene. 



                      The Power of Synthesis

Most bulk graphene is produced by exfoliating graphite to produce a many-layer micron-scale platelet. GT uses low-cost carbon dioxide to synthesize from the bottom-up an unprecedented portfolio of pristine graphene materials including few layer micron scale platelets, ultra high surface area nm-scale platelets and novel fibers and 3D composites.


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